Design Services

Engineering Simulations provides 3D product design services using the I-DEAS software. The design services in combination with the analysis and optimization techniques provide a powerful product development tool. New design concepts can be quickly developed and evaluated. The performance of existing products can often be improved with reduced material costs.

Product Development:

  • Concepts — generated for new products based on performance criteria. Hand sketches to 3D computer models.
  • Analysis — FEA early in the product development process develops an understanding of the important characteristics of the design.
  • Virtual Prototype — create 3D computer model using the results of the analysis of concepts.
  • Prototypes — can be made using rapid prototyping techniques or machining using files generated from the 3D computer model.
  • Testing — of prototypes provides valuable comparative data with the FEA.
  • Design — a final design is developed following assessment and testing of the prototypes and analyzing any changes.