About us

Jerry Dees P.E.
President of Engineering Simulations LLC

Jerry brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a project gained through working in the areas of plastic and paper products and processes, structures and building materials, and medical products and equipment. A brief summary of his background and experience is as follows:

  • Experience � more than 25 years of engineering analysis, design and research
  • Process simulations � plastic forming and paper converting processes.
  • Structural mechanics analysis � using non-linear FEA techniques.
  • Product Design and Development � several patents.
  • Structural Design � structural engineer of record on numerous structures.
  • Medical � products and equipment, analysis and design.
  • R&D � plastic and paper products, building materials, structures.
  • Laboratory Test Method Development � simulating product usage and measuring performance.
  • Engineering Management � consulting company and research laboratory
  • Consumer Research � developing an understanding of the performance requirements of products.
  • Teaching � Assistant Professor at the Institute of Paper Chemistry, Appleton, WI
  • Education � B.S. Structural Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, M.S. Civil Engineering, University of Wisconsin - Madison