Engineering Simulations

Engineering Simulations provides advanced finite element analysis (FEA) and product design services. The FEA services are primarily focused on the simulation of plastics manufacturing processes and the structural performance requirements of products. Design services are provided for the development of new products and performance improvement of existing products.

Services Include:

  • Thermoforming Simulations
    Multi-step forming option assessment and plug assist optimization
  • Blow Molding Simulations
    Optimized parison programming, die shaping and preform design
  • Non-linear Finite Element Analysis
    Static, dynamic, large deflection, non-linear material properties, impact loading
  • Product Design and Development
    Concepts to Product

Benefits of Simulations

  • Cost savings by minimizing material usage.
  • Increased speed to market through reduced product development time.
  • Optimized structural performance with thorough analysis
  • Eliminate trial-and-error.
  • Best manufacturing process selected through forming simulations.
  • Decreased cycle time in plastic parts molding by reducing thick areas